Rock This Town – Stray Cats

Rock This Town

Great toe-tapper of a song … just get up out of your chair right now and burn a few calories. Careful though, don’t throw your hip or anything else out!!

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Norah Jones – “Don’t Know Why”

Don’t Know Why

Soothing and filled with sweet imagery … enjoy!

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Creed – “With Arms Wide Open”

With Arms Wide Open

What a rich voice, filled with soul and depth … it takes me to an ethereal place of mystery and wonder! It positions me with wide open arms to my heavenly Father!

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Rob Thomas – “Little Wonders” – From “Meet the Robinsons”

Little Wonders Has lyrics.

Official Video

It’s not the BIG things that make up life … indeed, it is the small hours and little moments that create one’s life!

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Pop! Goes My Heart – From “Music and Lyrics” With Hugh Grant & Drew Barrymore

Pop! Goes My Heart

This is just a cute, fun song from Music and Lyrics. It’s sure to make you smile and remind you of those funky songs from a few decades back.

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Only Hope – From the Movie “A Walk to Remember”

Only Hope from Youtube

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Way Back Into Love by Hugh Grant and Haley Bennett

 Way Back Into Love

Way Back Into Love (from movie) 

Just watched Music and Lyrics recently and was reminded how much I love this song, and for whatever reason, it seems to be affecting me more now than the last time I watched the movie. In fact, I can’t seem to get the song out of my head. God frequently uses music to bring healing to us … I think that song is doing that for me right now.

I’ve put two versions: one with the lyrics and the one from the movie.

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